Appliance Repair Tech vs. the Electrician. Bang!

As appliance repair techs in Orange County, we don’t like to argue with our fellow electricians working in the same house. But… Sometimes we have to.

Here’s what happened. A customer in Newport Beach called us to repair multiple appliances, and one of them appeared to be a Kenmore electric oven that was completely out of order. No lights, no sounds, and completely dead. We’ve been repairing Kenmore appliances in Orange County for years,  no matter who is the real manufacturer of Kenmore appliances, and that Kenmore oven repair should’ve been straightforward. However, it turned out differently.

Kenmore electric oven is pulled out

Electric ovens, unlike almost any other domestic appliances, consume 240 volts of electricity. It’s so-called split electricity that provides two hot lines and one neutral instead of one neutral and one hotline in the standard outlet. That means the voltage readings at the oven connector should be 120VAC between each hotline and the neutral, and 240VAC between two power lines. If there is no proper power, the oven is not functioning properly or not functioning at all.

On that Kenmore oven, we initially had readings as follows:

  • 240VAC between white (neutral) and red
  • 240VAC between black and red
  • 0VAC between white and black

Power connection of the Kenmore oven

So, the power was definitely not right – the neutral was missing. However, the electrician crew tried to convince our appliance repair tech that everything was okay and we needed to troubleshoot the Kenmore oven itself. After arguing with them for a couple of hours, the owner of the electrician company came. And guess what? He found the problem with the electrical supply! After they fixed the electrical problem, the oven started working again. Nothing was wrong with the oven, as our appliance repair tech suggested.

Here is the review of that happy customer:

My Appliance Crew company… was nothing short of exceptional. I have lived in Newport Coast for over 26 years and have used many different appliance technicians. Some came and went, unsuccessfully attempting to repair my cooling problem with my fridge – costing me hundreds of dollars. The Appliance Crew, specifically Tim B., is the man who can fix anything!! Not only did he repair my fridge but quickly identified other appliance issues that no one else could fix. He’s committed, very knowledgeable, and reasonably priced, and stands behind his work. He worked one visit late into the evening until the appliance was up and working again. Look no further—the Appliance Crew is who you want to call for any appliance you may have needing repair.

Now, as a summary: if you have an electric oven or an electric dryer, and they are not running properly, check the electrical supply first. In many cases, it’s not the appliance’s problem but rather the issue with the electrical system.

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