Do You Need An Extended Warranty For Refrigerators?

Do I need an extended warranty for refrigerators? The short answer is yes, you do.

Most of the new refrigerators are much more complicated electronically and technically than the older models. In addition, they are lighter and made of thinner materials to be eligible to meet modern energy and environmental protection requirements.

For instance, starting January 2021 it`s illegal in the United States to produce household refrigerators using R134A as a coolant. New models have to use R600A which has zero ozone depletion and very low GWP (Global Warming Potential).

Chemically R600A is isobutene, i.e flammable gas, and the majority of manufacturers strictly require service companies to use a flame-free lockring system to work with this gas. Lokring systems are much more expensive rather than the usual torch-based repair method. Because of that they significantly raise the cost of sealed system repairs.

An extended warranty will protect you from major expenses in case the refrigerator sealed system fails within the warranty period. Of course, nothing may happen at all to the refrigerator, but if it does, and it occurs pretty often, it`s better to have proper coverage.


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