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BEAR-licensed, EPA-certified appliance repair experts you can trust. Immediate response. 2 minutes scheduling time.

We offer professional & cost-effective appliance repair near Newport Beach CA for all appliance brands, including LG, GE, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Samsung, Bosch, Thermador, Sub Zero, Miele, and others.

Our certified techs can repair refrigerators, washers, dryers, ovens, and stovetops. Same-day appliance repairs for all Newport Beach locations, be it Crystal Cove or East Bluff, or others.

All labor and parts are covered with a 6-month warranty. An extended 1-year warranty is also available for original parts. 

We are an official appliance repair provider for the Orange County Fire Authority

Anh Duong (Michael)
Anh Duong (Michael)
I recently had Tim repair my dryer on a Sunday and I was very impressed with his prompt and professional service. Tim explained everything clearly and repaired the dryer efficiently. He also helped diagnose a broken oven. I highly recommend Tim for any appliance repair needs.
john cox
john cox
Our fridge was repaired quickly and efficiently. Tim is polite, friendly, neat, and thorough.
Adam Paul
Adam Paul
Tim was awesome. Good guy, knows his stuff and left my stove working and looking great.
Nadine Dietrich
Nadine Dietrich
The Appliance Crew company, especially noting Tim B. was nothing short of exceptional. I have lived in Newport Coast for over 26 years and have used many different appliance technicians. Some came and went, unsuccessfully attempting to repair my cooling problem with my refrig - costing me hundreds of dollars. The Appliance Crew, specifically Tim B., is the man who can fix anything!! Not only did he repair my refrig, but quickly identified other appliance issues that no one else could fix. He’s committed, very knowledgeable and reasonably priced, and stands behind his work. He worked one visit late into the evening until the appliance was up and working again. Look no further—the Appliance Crew is who you want to call for any appliance you may have needing repair. Nadine D
Gerry Hedden
Gerry Hedden
Tom did a great job. Was quick to respond and kept me informed every step of the way.
Michelle Staley
Michelle Staley
Tim is the best. He is knowledgeable, patient, respectful.
Jeff McDermaid
Jeff McDermaid
Our technician from My Appliance Crew, was able to fix our LG dryer after four failed attempts from the loser that American Home Shield sent. The loser never tested the air flow with a meter which the HERO did and solved the problem. I highly recommend the service from My Appliance Crew!
Ryan Summers
Ryan Summers
Quick response and scheduling, excellent customer service and quality work. They are my go-to appliance repair company from here on out.
David Kile
David Kile
My experience wiith “My Appliance Crew” was excellent. Our technician, Tim, went above and beyond our expectations in service and communications. He is definitely worth a handful of 5 stars. We will be sharing our experiences. For us, we will be making an appointment with your company and Tim to replace the existing replacement ice maker in our late model Whirlpool refrigerator this spring. Very happy that we found your company!!!! Sincerely, David


Prices For Our Services in Newport Beach, CA



Base service Call

The $95 fee is for the service fee for traveling and a full diagnostic of the appliance with a written service sheet

  • professional Diagnosis
  • Written Tech Sheet
  • Estimate
  • $95 is Waived if Repaired



We can’t imagine modern life without a refrigerator. It not only cools groceries but also serves as a food hub for the entire household. In a way, it’s a mini domestic grocery store with immediate access to every delicious and fresh piece of food.

That’s why when a refrigerator breaks down, it’s a complete disaster for the family. Things that are otherwise taken for granted cannot be executed anymore. For instance, it’s not possible to purchase yogurt and have it fresh the next day without a refrigerator. No ice, no frozen pizzas, not even cold drinks. And sometimes, if the medicine is kept in the fridge, the situation becomes even more serious and time-sensitive.

Call us today!

We understand the importance of the refrigerator in every home and offer real same-day service appointments for refrigerator repairs in any corner of Newport Beach, CA. Whether it’s a weekday or weekend, a regular day or holiday, our EPA-certified refrigerator experts are ready to help.

Call us today at 949 419 6165, or book your appointment online for appliance repair in Newport Beach, CA.


What changed history the most? Aviation? Internet? How about washing machines? Since the end of 19-century washers were becoming more and more popular amongst households, releasing a lot of women`s time and energy. And then the women changed the whole world!

So let`s keep things that way by repairing broken washing machines and dryers as fast as possible. We fix the front and top-load washers, as well as laundry centers, stackable setups, and gas and electric dryers.

Just call today or book online to get the best washing machine or dryer repair in Newport Beach, CA.

What is the kitchen all about? Ranges, of course. Since the time when ancient people managed to get a fire in their caves, every house has had a fire we built home around. It`s like the soul of the house, in a sense.

We are here to help save that feeling. Our company can repair any ranges, no matter how old they are. We fix gas and electric stoves, standalone ranges, and built-in ovens in Newport Beach, CA. Just dial our number or book an appointment online, and we will be glad to help you with range, oven, and cooktop repairs.

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Most recent appliance repairs in Newport Beach, CA

Kitchenaid cooktop repair in Newport Beach, CA

The Kitchenaid stovetop KFGU766VSS02 kept clicking after the burner was lit. This particular Kitchenaid model has an automatic reignition system.

That means it should stop igniting once the flame is present. That feature is called “flame rectification”, and it`s based on the ability of the flame to cut half of the AC waveform, making DC out of AC. Once the spark system senses DC instead of AC, it cuts the power to the spark electrode. If the system is not able to recognize the flame, it clicks after lighting up.

Replacing the spark module and the electrode solved the problem.


LG dryer repair in Newport Beach, CA

This dryer has stopped heating, a common issue encountered with LG gas dryers. The resettable thermostat on the blower assembly often becomes tripped, disrupting the circuit to the heater assembly. While it is possible to reset the thermostat by pressing the button, the manufacturer recommends replacement once tripped.

But why did this particular thermostat trip? Our technician conducted a thorough examination of the dryer vent for any obstructions using an internal LG installation check and a back pressure measuring device. Both indicated a severe restriction within the vent line.

The technician proceeded to clean the vent line using a motorized brush and replaced the thermostat. Now, the dryer and the vent are functioning as good as new!


Do you do same-day appliance repair in Newport Beach, CA?

Yes, we offer almost a 100% same-day appointment rate for all Newport Beach residents.

What kind of discounts you may offer?

All new customers get at least $25 off any appliance repair in Newport Beach, CA. We also have discounts for seniors, military, and state workers.

How fast you can repair my appliance in Newport Beach, CA?

We have trucks and vans stocked with all common appliance parts. Almost 80% of all repairs can be done during the initial visit. Sometimes we need to order/pick up the part from the supplier. It either can be done within 24 hours or in the next several days, depending on the customer’s schedule and preferences.

Is your service available in other cities across Orange County?

Absolutely! We offer our services in most Orange County cities. You may click the following links to find out more about appliance repair in Irvine, CA; appliance repair in Anaheim, CA; appliance repair in Huntington Beach, CA (the list will be expanded)

What if I need to check several appliances? Do you offer discounts?

Sure! Any additional appliance diagnosis comes with a 50% discount, so the first service fee is $95, and each additional is $47.5

Also, check out our blog! Helpful information from our appliance repair experts in Newport Beach, CA.

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