What is the best front load washer?

The best front load washer 

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Just recently we discussed the best appliances based on the service technician’s opinion. Today we`re going to talk about the best front load washing machine on the market. Not a particular model, but the brand, because typically every brand has one root engineering school and all of the technical principles of it apply to all its models.

In our survey, the majority of technicians voted for LG washers. But why?

Here are the features and uniqueness of LG washers that make them the best choice amongst front load washers. Once again – since the manufacturer utilizes the same technical principles on all models, the best LG front load washer is simply the one that fits your budget!


Number 1: direct-drive motor

LG was the pioneer of bringing brushless direct drive motors to the world of washing machines. Since 1998, when BLDC motor was initially installed on the washer, the company sold over 90 million direct drive washing machines worldwide. That type of motor doesn`t use a belt to provide torque to the drum, and it doesn’t need transmission either. Fewer parts – better reliability in general.

Since motors have been evaluated for their durability over the years, LG now covers all of them with a 10-year warranty while the inverter direct drive washer itself has just one year of warranty. Nobody would provide such a long warranty for bad components, and we can confirm that LG BLDC motors do not tend to fail within the lifecycle of the washing machine. That motor is one of the parts that make LG one of the most reliable front load washers.

Number 2: accessible filter

People don`t pay too much attention to that detail, but sometimes this little feature may play a crucial role. LG washing machines have a filter for draining water on the lower-left corner of the unit. When clogged or during regular maintenance, this filter can be cleaned. How to clean the LG washer filter? Just pull out the rubber hose, flush the remaining water into a flat tray, then open the filter by turning it counterclockwise, and clean the filter from hair, coins, socks, or whatever is in there.

That feature may seem like not a big deal to choose a washer, but just remember, for instance, that Electrolux/Frigidaire washers don`t have an accessible filter, and in order to clean it you need to call the tech who will take the whole washer apart.

Does something go into the draining filter often? Yes, it does, especially if you put tiny things in the drum along with bigger items. Small socks or pieces of fabric may squeeze between the drum and outer tube straight into the draining system. It also is very convenient if you have a stackable front load washer and dryer set because dryer removal is not required.


Point number 3: simple and logical interface.

Ever get confused by millions of lights and icons on the panel of the washer? LG makes certain procedures easier.

As an example, if you want your LG washing machine to make a spin cycle only, you may turn the washer off and on, then press the SPIN button, choose the spinning speed, and press START. All done, the washer will spin only. If you would like only the drain function, simply choose NO SPIN while selecting the spin speed, and the washer will only drain the water out. That function is available on any LG-s, from cheap front load washers to expensive ones.


These are the three key features that appliance technicians identified. My appliance crew has no connections with LG Electronics and this material is not sponsored by anybody.


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