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My Appliance Crew offers same-day appliance repair in Irvine, CA.

We are open 7 days a week. If we are busy, please call again!

The tech working in appliance repair in Irvine, CA

We provide professional appliance repair in Irvine, CA, for all major brands, including LG, GE, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Samsung, Bosch, Thermador, Sub Zero, Miele, and others.

Our experts can reliably repair refrigerators, washers, dryers, ovens, stovetops, and more. Whether you live near Irvine Spectrum Center, or closer to Tustin or Lake Forest, we promptly provide same-day repairs. Choose reliable appliance repair near you!

All labor and parts are covered with a 3-month warranty. An extended 1-year warranty is also available for original parts. 

Proud to be selected as an exclusive appliance repair provider for the Orange County Fire Authority

Robert Langworthy
Robert Langworthy
Tim B was exceptional in both service and professionalism 👍
Martin P
Martin P
My Appliance Crew did a great job on fixing my refrigerator. Arthur did a very thorough job on fixing my appliance. Thank You to Arthur and Tim for great service!!
Jane Asano
Jane Asano
Tim was very knowledgeable and very easy to work with.
Cheral Bond
Cheral Bond
Sunday morning I noticed the freezer in my refrigerator wasn't working. I phoned My Appliance Crew since they were fairly local and open Sunday. Tim T showed up at 3:00, diagnosed the problem to be the control board. He left at 4:10 saying he would be back if he could find the part. He came back at 6:50, installed the panel but found the fan wasn't working, he left at 7:30. Came back Monday at 11:40, installed the fan and double checked that everything was working. He didn't charge me for the second part or coming back the 2nd day. Very impressed with the quick service, especially on a Sunday. Thank you Tim. <>
Aminzhan Mukashev
Aminzhan Mukashev
I got my KitchenAid fridge warming up right after we went grocery shopping at Costco. I couldn't believe it happened just like that! I started searching on Google to find someone to fix my fridge and save the $300 worth of food. Luckily, I found this company and Andrew was able to came on the same day. He diagnosed and fixed the fridge in about an hour. It was bad fan. Thank you so much, Andrew! Stay cool!
Andy Quiocho
Andy Quiocho
I called about my Jenair refrigerator, was having trouble getting freezer to close correctly after I had taken off door to move refrigerator up my stairs. After sending pictures to Robert he immediately contacted ME back explaining over the phone what problem was AND how to fix it! NOT ONLY WAS ROBERT ABLE TO GUIDE ME OVER PHONE, BUT I WAS ALSO ABLE TO SAVE A COUPLE HUNDRED DOLLARS!!! HIGHLY RECOMMEND TO ANYONE A
Janet Hinkston
Janet Hinkston
My refrigerator was not working. I was going to buy a new one but decided to try to repair it first. Turns out it was a better choice.
George Kosearas
George Kosearas



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Our Service Pricing for Appliance Repair in Irvine, CA


Base service Call

The $95 fee is for the service fee for traveling and a full diagnostic of the appliance with a written service sheet

  • professional Diagnosis
  • Written Tech Sheet
  • Estimate
  • $95 is Waived if Repaired


Looking for an appliance repair near you in Irvine, CA? We service all major appliances, including refrigerators.

Refrigerators are the center of every modern household. Advanced technology allows households to keep groceries cold and safe, minimizing the amount of spoiled food. However, when refrigerators break down, it can be really frustrating. That’s why we offer same-day refrigerator repair services for all Irvine residents.

We can fix any refrigerator system issue, including the following:

  • The freezer is fine, but the fridge is warm.
  • The refrigerator is noisy.
  • The refrigerator is leaking intermittently or constantly.
  • The refrigerator is not running at all.
  • The refrigerator temperature is too high.

We carry all common parts, and in many cases, the refrigerator can be repaired right away. In case we need to order a part, no additional fee is applied. Call us or book a service online if you need refrigerator repair in Irvine, CA.


What changed history the most? Aviation? Internet? How about washing machines? Since the end of 19-century washers were becoming more and more popular amongst households, releasing a lot of women`s time and energy. And then the women changed the whole world!

So let`s keep things that way by repairing broken washing machines and dryers as fast as possible. We fix the front and top-load washers, as well as laundry centers, stackable setups, and gas and electric dryers.

Just call us today or book online to get the best washing machine or dryer repair in Irvine, CA.

What is the kitchen all about? Ranges, of course. Since the time when ancient people managed to get a fire in their caves, every house has had a fire we built home around. It`s like the soul of the house, in a sense.

We are here to help save that feeling. Our company can repair any ranges, no matter how old they are. We fix gas and electric stoves, standalone ranges, and built-in ovens in Irvine, CA. Just dial our number or book an appointment online, and get the best oven repair in Irvine, CA

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We have 100% appointments as soon as the same day. Scheduling time is 2 minutes or less.

Call us for a quote today!

949 419 6165

That video describes what sets us apart from other appliance repair companies

Our recent projects in appliance repair in Irvine, CA

Viking range repair in Irvine

Viking range repair in Irvine, CA, 92620. Fire Station

The unit experienced a complex, multi-component issue. To begin with, the bake function of the oven did not work. After diagnosis, the technician discovered that the oven relay board had been completely fried due to a shortage in the baking element. Additionally, the broil element was found to be shorted. The technician replaced all of the affected elements, along with the main relay board.

Several days later, the crew reported an issue with the oven not consistently maintaining the required temperature. This specific Viking range utilizes a hybrid operation system, incorporating old-style temperature thermostats alongside an electronic main control board. While the board activates the heating elements through dedicated relays, the conventional thermostat with the temperature probe sends the signal to the board. This thermostat was unable to function correctly due to an internal failure. The problem was resolved by replacing the thermostat. The crew also requested the replacement of the door hinges, as the door was not closing smoothly.

As a result, the oven has been completely repaired and is now functioning like new!

LG dryer repair in Irvine

LG dryer repair in Irvine, CA, 92618

This gas dryer was not heating. Unlike machines from other brands, LG dryers use a feature called Flow Sense. This electronic system doesn’t allow the main control board to send power to the burner assembly if the burner circuit is interrupted. This feature is very convenient for safety, but it makes troubleshooting more complicated, especially for novice technicians. However, our technicians are well-experienced and have comprehensive knowledge regarding all appliances, including the trickiest ones.

This particular dryer was successfully diagnosed and fixed by replacing the glitchy infrared flame detector. The repair comes with an OEM part and a 6-month warranty!

Frequently Asked Questions
Do you offer same-day appliance repair in Irvine, CA?

Yes, we do! Nearly 100% of appliance repair inquiries in Irvine can be resolved on the same day. Of course, if you don`t prefer same-day appointments, you may choose another time and day that better suits your schedule.

What discounts do Irvine residents expect from your service?

We offer a minimum of $25 off for new customers in Irvine, CA. Senior and military discounts are also applied. Please call for details.

How long do you guarantee your work for?

All labor is covered with a 6-month warranty that is actually 6 times longer than the industry standard. OEM parts also come with the same warranty.

What is the cost of your service?

The appliance repair cost is strictly related to the particular appliance issue. In general, we charge $95 to come to your location and diagnose the appliance. That fee goes towards the estimate if you decide to go ahead with the repair.

Do you offer free estimates for appliance repair?

We do provide FREE pre-estimates over the phone. Call us at 949-419-6165, ask for a tech consultation, and one of our experts will call you back. For scheduled appointments, a $95 service fee is due, which covers all the expenses associated with the service trip. This fee includes gas, vehicle amortization, tools, education, advertising expenses, service applications, uniforms, staff salaries, etc

Living outside of Irvine? We offer appliance repair in Orange County, CA, all across the county

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