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My Appliance Crew is an LG appliance repair service provider in Orange County CA. We are located in Irvine and work within 25 miles radius. We repair LG refrigerators, washers and dryers, stoves, ovens, icemakers, and more. We can professionally fix any LG appliance issues, including the following: LG refrigerator not cooling, LG refrigerator needs compressor replacement, LG washer throwing OE, LE, TE error code, LG dryer not heating or making noises, and others.

Proud to be selected as an official appliance repair provider for the Orange County Fire Authority

Appliance Repair Provider for Orange County Fire Authority
Michael Clem
Michael Clem
Fast, easy and professional - excellent experience!
Nick Pisetti
Nick Pisetti
Tim is honest and quick to respond to your washing machine needs great guy.
Lauretta Rustad
Lauretta Rustad
I had a bad leak start recently from my washing machine on the second story that created significant water damage in my garage. My Appliance Crew was the only company in Orange County I was able to find working on a weekend on my day off of work and I couldn’t have been happier with the service. They responded right away to my call inquiring for help and were able to have someone out just a few hours later. Tim was able to diagnose the problem quickly and was very friendly to work with. He had the necessary part with him and we were able to stop this damage from becoming even more problematic. I will definitely be saving this company’s number for the next time I need emergency help and recommending him to my family and neighbors!
Aaron Schroder
Aaron Schroder
Saturday night my washing machine broke, by Sunday night it was fixed! We had an OE error code on our LG washer indicating a draining issue. I called the team Sunday morning for help and 4 hours later they arrived. After only an hour on-site, the problem was fixed. Shoutout to Tim B and the rest of the team for excellent support!
Teri Stache
Teri Stache
Very professional and thorough.
Robert Langworthy
Robert Langworthy
Tim B was exceptional in both service and professionalism 👍
Martin P
Martin P
My Appliance Crew did a great job on fixing my refrigerator. Arthur did a very thorough job on fixing my appliance. Thank You to Arthur and Tim for great service!!
Jane Asano
Jane Asano
Tim was very knowledgeable and very easy to work with.

Why choose us for LG appliance repair in Orange County, CA?

Consumer-oriented service

When you reach out to us at 949-419-6165, our welcoming staff will collect your information and swiftly schedule a same-day appointment.

We make sure you get appointment reminders through your chosen communication method, whether it’s by phone or email. Furthermore, as our technician makes their way to you, we’ll send you a notification, so you’re never in the dark about their arrival time.

If you have any inquiries concerning previous orders, rest assured that we will promptly address and respond to them on the very same day.

We also offer free phone consultation regarding any LG appliance-related questions.

Professional LG Appliance Repair Experts

All of our technicians, whether dealing with Samsung or LG appliances, boast extensive experience and possess a deep understanding of mechanics and electronics.

In the ever-changing landscape of modern appliances, it is paramount to keep your appliance repair technicians updated. That’s why our experts, whether it’s for Samsung or LG appliances, actively participate in professional seminars and contribute to expert communities such as Appliantology and the United Servicers Association forum.

We exclusively rely on factory service manuals and authentic OEM parts, whether it’s for your Samsung or LG appliance, ensuring the finest results. This provides you with the assurance of prolonged, dependable performance for your repaired appliances.

Local Orange County LG Appliance Repair

We are not a big corporation, we are a small local business dedicated to best serving our neighbor’s community. That`s why reputation matters for us and we strive to give you the best service experience.

You can be 100% sure that we fix your appliance or you won`t pay!


Appliance repair tech fixing the fridge

Prices For Our Services


Base service Call

The $95 fee is for the service fee for traveling and a full diagnostic of the appliance with a written service sheet

  • professional Diagnosis
  • Written Tech Sheet
  • Estimate
  • $95 is Waived if Repaired


Repair LG appliances near me. Any major appliances. Same day.

Refrigerator repair Orange County

LG Refrigerator Repair in Orange County CA

One of the most common complaints about LG refrigerators is when they stop cooling. In many cases, this issue is related to problems with the compressor, and the compressor may need to be replaced. However, there are some other issues that can affect LG refrigerators, including a malfunctioning evaporator fan, faulty thermistors, a non-functional icemaker, and more. At My Appliance Crew, we are well-equipped to efficiently address any LG refrigerator problems. We also offer same-day appointments throughout Orange County.

Call us today at 949 419 6165 or book your appointment online for refrigerator repair near me in Orange County, CA.

LG Washer & Dryer Repair Orange County CA

LG washing machines are generally reliable appliances that seldom require service. However, there are some common issues that can occur with both top-loading and front-loading LG washing machines. The most frequent issue is the ‘OE’ error code, which indicates a problem with the drain pump being clogged or faulty. Another common error is ‘LE,’ indicating an issue with the rotor position sensor or drive motor. The ‘TE’ error code points to a thermistor problem, which can sometimes result in a leak at the back of your washing machine, and this leak can typically be resolved by replacing the water valve.

For any LG washing machine repair, give us a call.

LG dryers also usually do not require frequent repairs. However, some complaints may include a lack of heat or a noisy dryer. Rest assured, we can address and resolve these problems in a single visit on the same day, so you’ll be up and running smoothly in no time.

Range repair

LG Oven & Range Repair in Orange County CA

We don`t have many problems with LG ovens and ranges, and we can not tell whether there are some repeated issues besides the igniter function that is common for any oven.

So just remember that our company can repair any LG ranges, no matter how old they are. We fix gas and electric stoves, standalone ranges, and built-in ovens in Orange County, CA. Just dial our number 949 419 6165 or book an appointment online, and we will be glad to help you with range, oven, and cooktop repairs

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We have 100% appointments as soon as the same day. Scheduling time is 2 minutes or less. The best appliance repair near you!

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We do LG appliance repair in Orange County, CA, in the following areas:

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