5 top reasons why the dryer not drying clothes

5 top reasons why the dryer is not drying clothes









Dryers are an essential part of every modern household. That`s why it`s important to keep them up and running. But sometimes (and more often than we wish!) dryers don’t dry clothes as efficiently as they intended to do. Here are 5 top potential causes why the dryer is not drying. All principles apply to any brand, so it`s the same either Samsung dryer not heating or Whirlpool dryer barely heats up.


  1. Airflow restriction.

Most of the dryers on the market are machines with external ducts. They suck the air from the outside, heat it, and then blow hot air through the clothes. As air travels through the clothes, it takes out some lint from them. The amount of lint depends on the type of fabric, but more or less, the exhaust system has to deal with it. Most of the lint remains on the filter, however, some lint travels further. Sooner or later it builds up inside the duct causing severe airflow restrictions. Since the air is not able to freely leave the dryer, it heats up inside the duct assembly causing the dryer thermostats to trip the circuit earlier than usual.

So the first thing that you need to do if your dryer not drying properly is to check the exhaust system for restrictions. If the duct is short, you may just take a look at both ends of it. If it`s long, the procedure would be more complicated. It`s easier if you own an LG dryer because they have an internal «installation diagnostic test» with the function of checking the duct for restricted airflow. For other brands, professional appliance repair companies use special testing equipment.


  1. Blown thermal fuse or thermostat


Modern dryers have several safety features preventing the system from overheating and catching on fire. One of them is a safety thermal fuse. It typically sits on the blower or duct assembly. The only purpose of the fuse is to trip the circuit to the heater assembly once it feels that the temperature is too high. Sometimes it happens because of the clogged duct described above.


  1. Problem with the moisture sensor


The majority of dryers on the market, both old and newer models, use a special technology called moisture sensors. Technically it`s just two metal bars on the front or back internal wall of the dryer. These bars are connected to the electronic board or timer assembly. When wet clothes are being tumbled in the drum, they touch the bars creating continuity between them. That continuity signal is being read by the electronics that decide to run the cycle and produce heat while continuity exists. Heat cycles continue until moisture is completely removed.

Despite the moisture sensor being a very simplistic feature, sometimes it may not work well. To exclude the problem of the moisture sensor on the dryer, you need to run a timed dry cycle. This cycle bypasses moisture sensing technology and heats up with no relation to the wetness of the clothes. If the dryer works well in the timed dry mode but doesn`t while automatic cycles are chosen, it has a problem w the moisture sensing system and requires professional service.


  1. Gas valve coils

This point applies only to gas dryers.

Gas dryers have a gas valve with a solenoid coil on it. Once the igniter is hot enough, it opens the flame sensor and the electricity flows to solenoids. Then both coils open allowing the gas to ignite in the burner assembly. The solenoids remain open all the time while the gas is flowing through them.

One of the most common problems with gas valve coils is when they are able to start the initial cycle but can not hold it. In cases like that coil kit replacement is required.


  1. Failed electronics/timer assembly

 This is not a very common problem, however, it tends to happen more often as electronics on dryers become more sensitive and complicated. You have to understand that sometimes the mainboard replacement may cost as much as a new dryer or even higher. That`s why it`s important to have a professional diagnostic that can give you a full picture of the problem. 


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